Friday – March 29th, 2019

1 – Moderate Hallux Valgus

Open osteotomy
Mini invasive osteotomy
Percutaneous osteotomy
PECA technic

2 – Severe Hallux Valgus  

MTP Fusion
Scarf Extreme
Basal Osteotomy – Lapidus
Scarf with Ligamentoplasty
Chevron XXL

3 – Clawtoe of 2nd Digit

PIP Fusion
Percutaneous treatment
Resectional Arthroplasty
Percutaneous double osteotomy

4 – 2nd MTP dislocation with symptomatic Hallux Valgus

Weil osteotomy
Plantar plate repair + Weil osteotomy
Silicone prothesis
Percutaneous osteotomy
Osteotomy with Tendon Transfer
Resection and/or syndactylization


Blue Libellule dinner cruise

Saturday – March 30th, 2019

5 – Well-aligned ankle osteoarthritis in 50-60 year olds

Total Ankle Replacement
Ankle Arthrodesis

6 – Lateral Ankle Instability

Anatomical reconstruction
Frondiforme ligamentoplasty (BLANCHET)
Fibularis brevis ligamentoplasty

7 – Achilles Tendon Enthesiopathy

Speed Bridge™

8 – Stage II Pes Plano Valgus in obese 50 year old females

Conservative treatment
Hindfoot Osteotomy & Tendon Transfer
Balancing the Forefoot (Cotton/NCJ)

9 – Morton’s neurona

Metatarsal osteotomy

10 – Charcot Collapse

Conservative treatment and Early Detection
Internal Fixation
External Fixation