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Friday – March 29th, 2019

1 – Standard L16 Hallux Valgus (60mn)

ModeratorNazim Mehdi

Open osteotomyMarc Augoyard
Mini invasive chevron osteotomyPablo Turell
Percutaneous osteotomyRegis Traversari
PECA technicPete Robinson

2 – Severe Hallux Valgus (60mn)

ModeratorMarc Augoyard

MTP fusionTimothée Bissuel
Scarf ExtremeMichel Maestro
LapidusPaulo Ferrao
Scarf with LigamentoplastyRomain Augoyard
Chevron XXLCyrille Cazeau

3 – Clawtoe of 2nd digit (50mn)

ModeratorThomas Lee

PIP fusionFabrice Colin
Percutaneous treatmentRegis Traversari
ResectionalKeith Wapner

4 – M2 metatarsalgia with 2nd MTP dislocation with conservative Hallux Valgus (70mn)

ModeratorGuillaume Kerhousse

Weil osteotomyMark Hardy
Plantar plate repair + Weil osteotomyLowel Weil
Silicone prosthesisMichel Maestro
Percutaneous osteotomyJulien Laborde
Osteotomy with tendon transferPrikesht Mukish

5 – Morton’s neurona (50mn)

ModeratorLowel Weil

NeurolysisStéphanie Valentin
NeurectomyPaulo Ferrao
Metatarsal osteotomyMark Prissel

6 – Achille tendon Enthesopathy (40mn)

ModeratorOlivier Boniface

ZADEK osteotomyAlexis Thiounn
Detachment / Reattachment proceduresTom Roukis

7 – Lateral ankle instability (40mn)

ModeratorAli Ghorbani

Anatomical reconstructionOlivier Boniface
Frondiforme ligamentoplasty (BLANCHET)Aurélien Roudet
Fibularis brevis ligamentoplastyNazim Mehdi

Saturday – March 30th, 2019

8 – Charcot Collapse (50mn)

ModeratorHolly Johnson

Conservative treatment and early detectionThomas Lee
Internal fixationMark Hardy
Midfoot amputationsTom Roukis

9 – Stage II pes plano valgus in obese 50 year old female (60mn)

ModeratorTom Roukis

Evans osteotomyEric Toullec
Soft tissue reconstruction with osteotomyKeith Wapner
FusionHolly Johnson
Balancing the forefoot (Cotton/NCJ)Mark Prissel

10 – Well aligned ankle osteoarthristis in 50-60 years old (40mn)

ModeratorMark Hardy + Yves Stiglitz

TARTristan Meusnier
FusionNazim Mehdi