Lowell Weil, Jr.

Chicago, Illinois

Entrepreneur and CEO of the world renowned Chicago based Weil Foot & Ankle Institute (WFAI) where he also served as the Fellowship Director from 2000 – 2017. He previously was the Co-Editor of Foot and Ankle Specialist, the only combined orthopedic and podiatric peer reviewed journal. He has pioneered such surgeries as the dorsal approach plantar plate repair and has authored over 50 papers and text book chapters. He is a well known speaker having lectured in 26 States, 5 Continents and 16 Countries. He is the Founding Partner of Foot and Ankle Business Innovations that focuses on increasing physicians practice efficiencies and profitability.

March 29, 2019
4 - M2 metatarsalgia with MTP dislocation with conservative Hallux Valgus
Plantar plate repair + Weil osteotomy
5 - Morton's neurona